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Drivers Check Program
How's my Driving?

IRS 20 Factor test on Employment Status
Employee or Indepedent contractor. The IRS has a 20-Factor Test.

Collision Avoidance System
Need a low cost high value collision avoidance system for your vehicles.

Fleet Management - Tracking systems
Want to know where your trucks are "Really" Want to map a better route to save fuel costs.

IRS Rewarding Employees and Contractors that Turn in Employers
The courts have considered many factors in deciding whether a worker is a subcontractor or an employee

How to get a MCP Filing from California DMV
Who needs an MCP Calif Filing, and where do I find info.

MCP California Filing Form
MCP California filing form attached

MCP Filing California - Questions and answers
Who needs a California MCP Filing

Distracted Driving Ramps Up Workers' Compensation Claims
Texting and cell phones are distracting drivers, which means more accidents and increased Workers Comp Claims.

ACV value -
How the insurance will pay for your vehicle..

Drive other car
Drive other car: if your corporation insures your personal vehicle, you should read this -

Independent contractor
When did you check if really this employee you are not paying payroll tax or worker compensation coverage for is an independent contractor?

Uninsured - Underinsured motorist
This coverage do more than you think -

Transportation Safety Management Process
Navagate your way to a safer fleet

How your driver could affect your policy premium
Your driver accident record could affect your company policy premium for 3 years

A little bit of planning
A little bit of planning. Some errors could be prevented...

Obtaining motor vehicle record for your drivers
Failure to review the driving history of an employee increases an employer’s exposure to Negligent Entrustment litigation

Are you putting your company asset and your personal asset at risk?
You need a driver and you are entrusting your vehicle to someone you don’t know– What are your risks? Negligent Entrustment is a legal concept that business owners and managers should know. A Negligent…

Unladen weight versus GVW
There is a misunderstanding between Unladen weight (info you can find on the vehicle title- registration) and the GVW

What is product liability
Small businesses selling or manufacturing products should be protected in the event of a person becoming injured

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